Fujiya & Miyagi, the toxic, neo-Krautrock foursome out of Brighton, England, finally made their way to Chicago this January. Amidst one of the most frigidly cold nights the city has had to suffer through this winter, Fujiya & Miyagi took the stage at Lincoln Hall and reanimated our frozen keisters.

As men of few words, Fujiya & Miyagi ironically started the set with “Cat Got Your Tongue” -- off their latest album Ventriloquizzing -- through which lead singer David Best spoke/ sang to the audience with a lay-it-on-thick purr. The hissing vocals, sexualized lyrical imagery, and the strutting guitars made for a sinful celebration.

Fujiya & Miyagi quickly transitioned into popular classics. “Collarbone” and “Knickerbocker” proved to be fan favorites garnering sly, knowing smiles from the band. With whispered vocals and electro-infused organ keys, their signature sinister, ominous tone remained. The repetition of the lyrics and rhythms allowed the audience to grove on a danceable beat.

In “Ventriloquist,” Fujiya & Miyagi emphasized intensity with a continuous crescendo on the organ. Closing with whispered lyrics absent of music, the group channeled feelings of spent desperation.

Despite never speaking a word to the audience, Fujiya & Miyagi spoke volumes with their music and stage presence. Controlled images ranging from puppets to yo-yos were splayed across the backdrop on repeat. The visual addition strengthened the band’s theme for their latest album and stayed true to their repetitious, punchy plays.

The only disappointment was the band’s lack of interaction with the crowd. However, all was forgiven after their 20-minute triple-threat encore. They ended with all the oldies but goodies -- an extended “Ankle Injuries,” “Electro Karaoke,” and a “Fujiya, Miyagi” chant that soon morphed into a mass crowd pleaser. One can only hope that they don’t wait another three years to come back to the city.