Jonny Rodgers has written, performed, and toured within various musical genres including indie pop, indie rock, choral, orchestral, folk, and singer-songwriter. Strongly committed to his artistic integrity in every context, he is a perfect partner for Epitonic's music label. His album Everything All At Once was recorded in 2012 during a month-long residency at Butter Music and Sound in NYC. 

Jonny is presently writing and performing luminous indie-pop music utilizing a live setup of 19 tuned wine glasses, guitars, loops and electronics to craft intricate and captivating songs. Seeing Jonny weave layers of sounds together live is truly a wonder. The songs hit an emotional tone of total sincerity without cloying sentiment or a trace of irony. When not crafting songs for his own releases he scores and performs music for film and television including the indie film "My Brother Jack" and guitars on the score for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Don Jon."