The allegro aggro trio is back on tour again; yet this time Grass Widow have not only released a new album, Internal Logic, but also they have their own record label to promote while on the road. Recently, Hannah Lew (bass, vocals), Lillian Maring (drums, vocals) and Raven Mahon (guitar, vocals) started their very own HLR Records.

"We figured it was time to give all the work we do a name and put out our own stuff. We were thinking of calling it something like 'We Three', but that's what the Raincoats release their stuff under!" says HLR's Lillian Marling.

Lew,  Mahon and Maring write their hypnotic layered melodies collaboratively. Epitonic recently spoke with these ladies about their new label, going on tour and the artistic endeavors they pursue outside of music.

Tell me an interesting fact about another member of the band.

Lillian Maring: If there were dolls made of us, Hannah's would say 'Hi! Um.” Raven's would clear her throat and mine would probably rock back and forth.

Hannah Lew: Raven collected baseball cards as a kid, but didn't even know who the players were. I always thought that was really cute. Lily is a Cyclone.

Raven Mahon: One of Hannah's relatives -- I think her grandma on her dad's side -- worked at a kissing booth in Coney Island. Also, some dude pierced her tongue on a runaway adventure in Portland during high school. Lily does a mean Brian Eno [does impression].

Tell me about your new label HLR.

LM: It stands for Hannah, Lillian, and Raven. We figured it was time to give all the work we do a name and put out our own stuff. We were thinking of calling it something like "We Three," but that's what the Raincoats release their stuff under!

HL: Our new LP Internal Logic will be our third release. We have put out two of our own 7"s since starting the label. It feels good to do things ourselves, but I will say that we are in the poorhouse. We keep telling ourselves that the record will do well and we'll be able to pay ourselves back. We are really proud to be doing total justice by our own music and be able to handle all aspects of our business.

What keeps you guys busy when on the road?

LM: Listening to books on tape, eating corn thins. Occasionally swimming.

HL: Crossword puzzles; lots of snacking.

RM: Pretending to read Les Miserables.

What is your favorite hole-in-the-wall venue?

RM: I like playing at the Knockout in SF. 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland. Also, our practice space is kind of a hole in the wall. More like a hole in the floor. We play some of our best shows to those cockroaches.

Your last tour was with The Raincoats.  How was that?

LM: It was incredible. We had toured with them on the East Coast a few months prior, so it was very special to tour with them on the West Coast -- our home turf. They're such amazing women and so much fun to hang out with; I couldn't tire of seeing them every night.

HL: Yeah it was amazing. I still can't believe we got to play with The Raincoats! And multiple times! We got to join them on stage for Lola at a lot of the shows. It was such a dream!

RM: They are some of my favorite people -- as musicians, as women, as moms, as humans.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

LM: Buying cheap trail mix at gas stations and dumping a bag of M&Ms in it.

HL: The Strokes.

RM: Battlestar Galactica. But I don't feel that guilty about it.

Fill in the blank: If I had _______ for eternity, I would be ________.

LM: If I had to make popcorn for eternity, I would be bored.

RM: If I had beer for eternity, I would be pumped.

Three things you cannot leave home without?

LM: Stretch pants, travel-sized hot water bottle, sunglasses.

HL: Yep, stretch pants, sunglasses and a beanie.

RM: Socks, a lot of socks and baseball cards.

Who would be the featured artist on the soundtrack of your biopic?

LM: The Move.

HL: Maybe the Kinks.

RM: The Rutles.

This one's for for your handmade and vintage endeavors, what do you make and where can we find it?

LM: How did you find out about that? I put up an Etsy page maybe two days ago. On our last tour Hannah and I decided to start Etsy pages; we both enjoy buying clothes but don't always want to wear them. So we both have a lot of good stuff. I'm up-cycling 1" buttons in small batches. They're painted gold with flowery or animal decoupage. My page is at SallyGoldenblouse and Hannah's is at LEWHANNAH. If you want to see real craftsmanship, check out Raven's woodworking.

HL: Yeah, we're trying it out. I make music videos too, at

What can Grass Widow fans be on the lookout for in the coming months?

LM: Our new record! May 29, 2012, called Internal Logic, on HLR.

HL: And much touring in support of the new record!

RM: And a video that Hannah directed for Goldilocks Zone!