We caught up with Maritime recently to see if they'd be interested in putting together a playlist to run coinciding with the release of their new album, Human Hearts, out April 5th on Dangerbird Records. Dan Didier and Davey von Bohlen -- who are also original founders of Epitonic favorites, The Promise Ring -- contributed this list of tracks and explained why each song means something special to them. We made sure they included a track from their new album, which we're excited to be premiering exclusively!

Go pick up a copy of Human Hearts from Dangerbird after you check out these jams!

Maritime - "Peopling of London"
This is collectively our favorite song off of our new album. It's very simple in its structure and approach and writing it was very natural. (DD)

Beck - "He's a Mighty Good Leader"
Love this song. It was my introduction to Beck and I have been an avid fan since. (DD)

Gus Gus - "Polyesterday (Thievery Corporation Remix)"
This happens to combine my two favorite things. I didn't know this existed until finding it here. Love it. (DD)

Casino vs Japan - "Where to?/What for?"
Casino vs Japan used to sell me records at the local shop, then he started making great ones.  Is there a cycle of life in there? (DVB)

Sharon van Etten - "For You"
She has such an endearing voice. She could sing the phone book and I would be totally engaged in it. (DD)

Camden - "In my New York Heart"
Camden were a band from Milwaukee, time still hasn't caught up with their greatness. (DVB)

The Kills - "U.R.A. Fever"
Love this band and have been obsessed with 'MIdnight Boom' since it came out. (DD)

C-Clamp - "Bats"
C-Clamp caught me when I needed something other than Codeine to love.  Plus, they have better smiles. (DVB)

Elliott Smith - "Waltz No. 1 (demo)"
Miss this guy greatly. Oh, the music he would be creating today, it is a depressing thought. (DD)

Owen - "Places to Go"
This guy is a total prick. (DD)

[Editor's note: We're assuming that Dan is joking about Owen as he and Mike Kinsella have been involved in the same scenes and played with a ton of the same people over the past 15+ years.]