Chicago's Joan of Arc has released more than a dozen albums over the course of their career dating back to their 1996 live debut following the breakup of Cap'n Jazz. In fact, today marks the release of their 16th studio album, Life Like. Their lineup has included members of some the most seminal indie/emo/math bands of the '90s, '00s and today, including American Football, Aloha, Make Believe, Cale Parks, Owls and many others.

It's with great joy that we tracked the band down on tour and forced big baller and bassist Bobby Burg to pick his favorite ten tracks from the Epitonic archives. After you're done checking out Bobby's selections, hop over to our Joan of Arc page to peep our collection of their tracks: Then pop over to Polyvinyl Records and pick up a copy of Life Like.

Ponytail - "Easy Peasy"
We had the privilege of touring with them a few years ago; it was inspiring every night.  I can't stop listening to this song!

No Age - "Glitter"
This song is so intense!  It is simultaneously one of their poppiest yet least accessible songs due to the ear piercing "noise hook." I love how the noise hook instantly weeds out the casual listener. 

Deerhoof - "Holy Night Fever"
Deerhoof inspires me to "unlearn what I have learned." Anything is possible.

Deerhunter - "Revival"
Halcyon Digest is an amazing album.

JEFF the Brotherhood - "Shredder"
This 2-piece band is so great live. I've seen them in Chicago and Austin. They totally deliver.

Beach Fossils - "Calyer"
I was so excited to see these guys at SXSW in 2010. They were amazing. They played Chicago last month and that show was fantastic too.

Lync - "Two Feet in Front"
I had the Lync album in high school. When I moved to Chicago for art  school 1996 my friend Jill made me a mix tape with this song from a 7" on it. Also on the very same mix tape was the first time I heard my current bandmate Tim Kinsella's music. 

Microphones - "The Moon"
This song is so epic! It was a stand out song of a Microphones/Mirah show I did in my living room in 2000. I asked Phil about it after the show and he said it was produced on the album like a Stereolab song. 

Need New Body - "Show Me Your Heart"
I  LOVE these dudes!  Their music is chock full of fragmented abstract playful art school attitude. Our old band Make Believe did an amazing tour with Need New Body and Hella. At the Chicago show Tim K hit me over the head with his mic stand and I left the show in an ambulance, I needed a new body at that time but all I got were a few stitches on my eyebrow. 

The Ponys - "Poser Psychotic"
This Chicago band and all their offshoot bands are amazing. Disappears, Tyler Jon Tyler, Bare Mutants, Football, White Savage and Maximum Wage are all great bands.