Taking a break from membership in the Appleseed Cast, Shearwater, and Minus Story, Jordan Geiger began releasing solo material under his new moniker Hospital Ships. The recent release of Hospital Ships' sophomore effort Lonely Twin has established Geiger as a heartfelt songwriter and experimental musician.

Between gigs in support of Lonely Twin (releases 6/7/11 on Graveface Records), Geiger stopped in, curated a playlist, and shared a few tidbits about his favorites on Epitonic.

1. Chad VanGaalen: City of Electric Light. I just found out about this guy and I'm pretty obsessed. Taylor from Hospital Ships has been a fan of his for awhile. The other night we nerded out for like 15 minutes about how awesome Chad's new record is. Everyone in the U.S. should be required to own it. He's supported partly by grants from the Canadian government. The governor of Kansas, Sam "What Would Jesus Not Do" Brownback, just cut all the Arts funding in our state. Fuck him.
2. Clinic: I'm Aware. This band makes amazing records. Everyone of their records are amazing. This song is engineered by John Congleton, who worked on my record and made it great. I'll buy any record he mixes or engineers just because I know it will sound fucking cool. And go buy all of Clinic's records.
3. James Blake: I Never Learnt To Share. I love this record so much. I listened to it 3-4 times a day during this winter and spring. I can't wait to hear what Mr. Blake does next.  
4. The Appleseed Cast: Middle States. This band, with whom I used to play, really taught me about being a band.  How to tour, make records, etc. I love their new songs.
5. The Angels of Light: Praise Your Name. Michael Gira is one of the most inspiring people I know of. I've stayed at his house a few times and he's a very sweet and gracious guest. He's Thor Harris's best friend, so, you know, he's gotta be cool. Have you heard that new Swans record? Holy fuck it's great.
6. Shannon Wright: Dirty Facade. I saw Ms. Wright open for the Rachels in Kansas City in 99 or 2000, and it had a HUGE effect on me. I'm surprized she's not more well known. Absolutely one of the most inspiring songwriters and guitarists I have ever seen.
7. Microphones: Moon Moon Moon. Recording music is my favorite thing. Everything Phil Elverum does makes me want to put some mics up and fuck shit up.
8. Nine Inch Nails: Into the Void. I bought this (double) tape at a WalMart in Michigan the week it came out before making a solo drive from Saginaw back to Boonville, Mo. It snowed the whole time but I made it after listening to The Fragile over and over. I hit a car in a parking lot and just drove off like, whatever, I don't give a fuck. I really love this record.  
9. Hank Williams: Cold, Cold Heart. Finally, some real fucking music on this playlist. If you don't listen to Hank Williams, what's your goddamn problem? Get off the computer, buy a bottle of whiskey, turn off your stupid phone, go outside and put Hank on and get drunk. You only live once, you know?
10. Beach House: Zebra/Norway. Now that you're drunk, don't you want to call that girl/guy you've been thinking about to come hang out with you? Put this record on. It's so, so good!