Combining a traditional trio of drum, bass, and guitar with a mix of dark moodiness and plenty of relatable angst, The Globes from Spokane, Washington are yet another talented band to emerge from the thriving Pacific Northwest scene. With their youngest member coming in at only 21 years of age, The Globes formed during high school and passed up a traditional, mainstream future, choosing instead to pack up their equipment and trek up to Seattle after graduation in '07.

While most of The Globes enrolled in community college classes, the majority of their time has been spent writing and recording deep, intriguing, lovable indie rock out of the basement of a tiny blue house. After a self-released EP in early 2008, The Globes took their craft to a new level, teaming up with producer John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie) in order to release their four song EP Sinter Songs in early 2009.

Between touring the west coast, making it to class on time, and absorbing their critical success, The Globes have found time not only to release their first full-length, Future Self (out this month on Barsuk Records), but to handpick a playlist exclusively for Epitonic. Infused with their signature moodiness, interesting dark tones, and thrilling technique, Future Self is both refreshing and oddly familiar amongst a gaggle of young talents balancing art, life, and growing up.