It’s difficult to find a lot of detail online about the Chicago-born garage pop band Twin Peaks. For one, they are not the only band currently going by a name paying tribute to the legendary 90’s television series by David Lynch. According to their blog, Twin Peaks has just moved this fall to Olympia, Washington for college as a three-piece and has seemingly left two members behind, at least temporarily.

Let’s hope the band maintains what they’ve accomplished thus far, because they’ve been busy playing a lot of shows crafting an exciting sound. Their jangly bursts of quick garage pop drip with enthusiasm; it remains to be seen how the Pacific Northwest scene will influence the young sound of Twin Peaks, an area of the country which ironically is pretty close to where the TV show was filmed.

The band sounds quite at home in Chicago, a city now anchored by basement shows. Twin Peaks' sound is also somewhat reminiscent of Atlanta’s like-minded Deerhunter and the Black Lips, and even the No Age centered LA scene. The session recordings are eight raw tracks of pure fun, so download them and keep an eye on Twin Peaks as a new chapter of the band unfolds.