Photo: David Libman

Audio recording: Matt Irizarry and Bryson Gabrels

Audio mixing and mastering:  Justin Sinkovich


It's no secret that Twin Peaks is one of Epitonic's favorites.  They are one of the several promising young groups emerging from a flourishing local Chicago garage pop scene that also includes bands like Secret Colours, Smith Westerns, and The Orwells.  This was Twin Peaks third appearance at saki and their second recordings for Epitonic.  We asked guitarist and vocalist Cadien Lake James some questions about the band, their upward trajectory, and their recent tour with Foxygen when Sam France had his accident.



Epitonic: This was your third performance at saki and second at our Record Store Day.  A lot has changed for the band in between with you playing and gaining popularity all over the place.  Tell our audience your perspective on how the band has evolved over this time between performances these sessions.


Cadien: Well I think a lot of what's changed for us is just having more experience playing together and doing live shows. the first time we played Saki we had only played a handful of club shows with other high school bands and didn't really have are bearings yet. We're still just having fun with it, probably more fun with it haha.


Epitonic. You guys were on tour with Foxygen when Sam broke his leg which is clearly a bummer, can you tell us what it was like from your perspective to go that string of dates getting derailed.


Cadien: It was kind of tragic when it happened. I was at the merch table but they had a screen with footage of the stage over there and Sam just teetered-off of a monitor and fell off stage, and they finished the song. They only played one song, which was crazy, everyone got refunds... it did feel good to have a lot of people that night tell us that our set was more than satisfying though. We ended up driving out to Olympia (where three of us did our short stint at college) and posting out there while we did our dates out Northwest there, in Seattle, and in Portland. It worked out, we really just were wishing Sam good health. Crazy shit to witness.


Epitonic. Beyond the string of dates with Foxygen, you have been touring quite a bit, and that always conjures up interesting stories from the road. Can you share one interesting story with us from being on the road? And overall what is your perspective on touring in general?


Cadien: I just got my first tattoo that isn't a stick and poke on this last tour! For only $20, the dude had a $60 minimum at the parlor next door to where we played in Stockton, CA, but after he heard us play he told me if I stuck around late he'd do it for $20. People show you good hospitality and a good time out in this world. There's lots of stories but I don't know how many are appropriate for a write up... hahah.


Epitonic. 'Sunken' is recently re-released with a lot more exposure this time around which is great, but you have to be a little anxious to release new material after playing these songs live for a while? We certainly are excited to hear new songs from the band.  How is writing songs coming along and when do you think we might see a new release from Twin Peaks?


Cadien: We are anxious to play new songs! We, or at least I, definitely feel overdue to the people who've been supporting us since we originally released Sunken. It's been over a year. We're about to have material for a 7" finished and get that out, and likely do two more one-off singles in the fall/winter. Next album is being recorded in the winter. So f'n stoked, we've been building up tunes and ideas for a while so I'm pretty confident about it.


Epitonic. As a young band doing well and clearly with your entire career ahead of you, what do you hope for in the trajectory of Twin Peaks and as a musician?


Cadien: I just hope to enjoy it all! I try to live with out too many expectations or plans. I know that I like to play rock n' roll music and luckily people have dug it enough to give us an opportunity to travel to do that for them. We hope to keep that rolling and keep progressing as a band.


Epitonic. Chicago seems to really be on the upswing with new bands, particularly within your young music community.  What Chicago bands should people check out right now and why?


Cadien: People need to tune into the bands playing basement shows and DIY spaces, cause that scene has all the gems to me: The Sueves, Today's Hits, Sister Crystals, The Lemons, Slushy, Ne-Hi... there's a lot of energy being captured in Chicago right now.