In One Wind is a treasure, a unique, playful, and gifted quintet from Brooklyn. This avant-chamber folk group is rooted in the male/female vocal interplay of guitarist Angelo Spagnolo and keyboardist Mallory Glaser. Their delicate harmonies are taunted by a dance of trickery with beautiful sudden shifts in rhythm and texture. In One Wind demonstrates some of the finest work in the recent emergence of NYC area 21st century composers, yet from a relatively traditional indie rock band setup. Musically, it is almost as if the band meditated on the concept of Sufjan fronting U.S. Maple, trading the darkness for light, and most of the shrieking and tumbling guitars with gorgeous strings and reed instruments.

After comparing the session recordings with the source material, tracks from 2011’s studio full-length How Bright A Shadow! and 2012’s EP Lean, we captured a truly special and complimentary performance. In One Wind demonstrated the stunning ability to deliver such a challenging performance with grace and light-hearted style, perfect for our sunny afternoon together. See and hear more about In One Wind at their website and Bandcamp