As part of Epitonic's extremely busy one-year relaunch anniversary celebration weekend (March 9 - 11), Epitonic and saki were lucky enough to host Maria Elena Hernandez, Matthew Jung, David Keller, Traci Newhouse and Dheeru Pennepalli, all together making up Chicago's jazz influenced, experimental rock group, A Light Sleeper.

Signed to the non-traditional Chicago record label, Another New Calligraphy, their two releases -- Brevity and Amicability -- are together home to some of the most uniquely experimental jazz songs around, yet they still have a way of soothing the soul and taking the edge off. Semi-acoustic electric guitar, saxophone, viola, cello and a small drum kit all rotate in importance throughout each track, creating a delightfully ominous arrangement of sounds. According to Another New Calligraphy's website, you will like A Light Sleeper "if you like: symmetry, mass, specters, or any combination thereof." Though I suppose I agree, I personally recommend this if you're angry/upset/depressed, but want to listen to music that won't end in you breaking shit, yelling at people, or crying. This session is creepy and emotionally intense, an intensity that can be draining, almost acting as a restraining mechanism.

In this five song set that, sadly, goes by way too fast, you'll find one track (Oh My! Alan Was A Greedy Baby) off of their most recent release, Brevity, and four more that are not to be found anywhere else online but here. So... go get upset real quick, come back, and let A Light Sleeper's menacing melodies ease your worries.

Live Sound: Adam Hirzel
Recording Engineer: Justin Sinkovich
Recording Mix: Justin Sinkovich
Recording Mastering: Jimmy Dixson