Hardcore bands are a dime a dozen. As a result, truly inventive and enjoyable hardcore bands should be cherished. Lasers and Fast and Shit fit this rare category with their immediate energy and mixed influences, touching on sounds of hardcore bands like Drive Like Jehu, The Men's early recordings, and experimental punk like Bellini. At times they even sound a bit like Descendents, a band they cleverly reference in their song "Milo Goes to Lasers."

Lasers' current line-up consists of vocalist Joe Carsello, guitarist Colin DeKuiper, bassist Eric Kratz, and drummer Mike Mizzola, along with live contributing guitarist/analog synth player Zaid Maxwell of the Chicago experimental group SHAPERS. Since their Epitonic saki Session, Lasers have released a cassette of their second EP Second: Cat Fight on HeWhoCorrupts Inc. and opened for Fucked Up's full performance of David Comes to Life at Lincoln Hall.

During their unrestrained live performances, Carsello triggers lights with one hand on his homemade controller box, holding the mic with the other. Their songs vary from short bursts like "Shark Bomb" to the hazy "Hot Miracle," which features bizarre tremolo vocals. Their humor shows in song titles like "Cat Fight USA" and "Detroit City Lions of Mexico City," as well as their between-song banter. At their Epitonic saki Session, Lasers and Fast and Shit treated everyone to an excellent show: a perfect expression of their particular brand of punk -- with lights and shit, too!