Jip Jop was formed by four music students and rapper Benny Nice at University of Indiana in Bloomington. With their fusion of jazz and hip hop, they quickly made progress from the frat houses, basements, and backyards around campus, to playing bigger cities in the area and eventually moving to Chicago. In Chicago the band continued to gain notoriety by opening for major artists, touring, and releasing their debut album Important. Similarly to Sidewalk Chalk, who they shared the session with at Epitonic saki, Jip Jop fits nicely into the intelligent live band neo-soul hip hop scene of Chicago.  

Jip Jop kicked off the day's music at saki in full swing with a flood of complex horn arrangements by Ryan Imboden on Trumpet and Davis Jones on Saxophone. While Benny Nice commanded the crowd with his energetic storytelling style, the rhythm section was in rare form, particularly drummer Matt Margeson who maintained a steady groove while also periodically throwing in jazz-infused time twists and improvisational flourishes. These tracks are an excellent documentation of their live show, and are actually a little higher energy than their studio versions. Let’s hope we have an opportunity to see them back on stage very soon, because nothing really compensates for seeing them in person.

More info:  http://jipjopmusic.com/