As part of handful of shows throughout the Midwest and East Coast, Hospitality was kind enough to stop by saki to play some highlights off their newest album and some older tracks that left long-time fans smiling and new fans clambering to locate the group’s past EPs.  

Fronted by Amber Papini’s elegant voice and held together by Nathan Michel and Brian Betancourt's sprightly, tight rhythms, Hospitality has mastered their own pithy brand of indie pop. Much like the actual instrumentation, the subject matter of Hospitality’s songs are straightforward -- yet still razor-sharp and deeply perceptive. "The Birthday" and "Sleepover" are bittersweet gems that explore the struggle to reconcile the past with the present, while "8th Avenue" and "Friends of Friends" paint a strikingly detailed picture of New York as seen through Papini's eyes.

Last month we previewed Hospitality’s self-titled Merge debut in our Most Anticipated Albums of 2012 list. In that feature we dubbed the Brooklyn-based trio "the next big thing to come out of Merge’s front door." The session we captured back in January is truly one of the best we’ve had the pleasure of recording -- and a welcome reminder that our enthusiasm for the band was well-deserved. 

Video shot and edited by Jason Zenz.