Geronimo!’s sound is what we think of when we throw around a term like ‘Chicago indie-rock.’ The guitars are loud, meaty, and sometimes punishing, with half-sung, half-shouted vocals and a solid percussive backbone. They’ve clearly torn a page from the Touch & Go playbook, and that’s A-OK with us!

What’s even more impressive than the band’s ability to establish a clearly defined aesthetic is the pace at which they do it, and the consistent standard they seem to hold themselves up to. We’ve seen two LPs and at least three limited cassette releases from Geronimo in the short time that saki (and the re-launched Epitonic) has been around, and none have disappointed.

Geronimo joined us at saki/Epitonic headquarters in August to play on what we deemed to be one of the best local bills of the year: Geronimo! and Meat Wave. The Chicago Reader must have thought the same, as they chose to feature both bands' sets in their Soundcheck ( series. It’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones who think Geronimo! are an amazing live band. We hope you agree too!