"Crystal Visions" and "Keep It Casual" sound like what one might find if adult contemporary radio stations existed on Mars and had a few extra light years to ferment the sounds. Jeremiah Chiu, the chief creator and architect behind Deep Sleep, smoothly delivers words that one may only be able to understand if they're truly intent on deciphering them. Most folks won't, however, be they martian or homo sapien, because they'd likely be too enraptured with the music, itself; a creature that snakes like a jar of caterpillars from one place to the next without effort.

Chiu, also a member of Chandeliers, departs from the more rapid fire sense of urgency that his bandmates often employee; choosing instead to keep things casual by utilizing lilting synth lines and melodies that float by like clouds on a July afternoon being observed down by the beach along Lake Michigan.

Chiu's set here, played on the same day as that of Chandeliers, is the opposite of the environments it was created within. While this recording was made in February, it practically demands warmer climates for consumption. "On & On" moves along at its tortoise like pace, speeding up only when the vocals begin to weave into the mix - even then, the rapid heart rates can be attributed to the emcee even as the music remains positively glacial. Listening to Chiu's studio recordings against the live recordings here, one finds little sonic difference between the two, but perhaps that's intentional. When perfectly pieced together electronic pop music of this ilk sits within the form that it currently occupies, there's really no sense in augmenting it, is there?

This session can also be found on cassette along with the session from show mates Chandeliers. It is the inaugural split release between saki’s in-house label and Notes and Bolts - the first in a series of live sessions recorded at saki and released on limited-run cassettes available from saki and Notes and Bolts, as well as here, for download, on Epitonic! Also, check out Deep Sleep's SoundCloud page for additional releases: www.soundcloud.com/deep-sleep.