Champions is a great young band from Chicago that is still gaining notoriety around the city and beyond.   As a five-piece fronted by Jacob Johnson, Champions delivers clean and contemplative songs full of heartbreak and hope.  The tracks in both their live performance and debut album, The Traveler, released in January of 2012, flow from driving rock moments anchored by clean guitar interplay to delicate, introspective break-downs where Johnson wears his heart on his sleeve for all to hear.
Champions Epitonic saki Session is long overdue to be posted; it was hung up in post-production for far too long.   As polished as the band sounds on The Traveler, they did an excellent job at saki of recapturing the same sincere, full-bodied sound.   Let’s hope the band continues to remain productive, as we enjoy an early listen from a band that already has a great album under their belt.  Hopefully, there is more to come.