With their love for live shows and a sound that is completely unmistakeable, Carbon Tigers may be one of Chicago’s most hardworking bands. Since their humble beginnings in 2009, the band has gone on to perform with bands such as Cold War Kids, the Cool Kids and Biffy Clyro. Their music may be hard to truly define, but it is one of the things that truly makes the band stand out among other Chicago bands. While it’s a bit rough around the edges, there’s a soulfulness to it that adds a sense of power and diversity.

The bands discography may be small, its not one to miss. Their 2011 release The Dover Sessions, Vol. I: What I Say & What I Mean offers two mesmerizing and thought-provoking tracks while 2010’s The Burrows truly showcases the beginnings of a driven and passionate band. Currently the band is hard at work on new material and continues to play live shows across the midwest. 

Enjoy these four awesome and exclusive tracks from Carbon Tigers' Epitonic saki Session!