Here’s a great session finally unearthed from our 2012 Record Store Day extravaganza at saki with BV Chicago featuring Cains & Abels back in April. Cains & Abels are a local Chicago three-piece rock band fronted by David Sampson, who anchors the straightforward rhythms of each track on bass guitar. Sampson’s vocal warble matches his songs about heartbreak, money problems, and isolation. The band name itself addresses the duality of good and evil in man, fitting for the songs’ subject matter as well. Backed by Joshua Ippel and Jamie Mcgaw, this trio is rooted in traditional rock and roll with a more leisurely folk thought process.  

All five of the songs from this session are from My Life Is Easy, Cains & Abels’ second full-length. The album was released in March of 2012 by Whistler Records, a label spawned from the bar/venue down the street from saki (now legendary for its mixologists, vigorously shaking craft cocktails). My Life Is Easy features these session tracks plus four more in a more polished studio form.

Visit their website or their Bandcamp for more info.