When Doug McCombs and the latest incarnation of Brokeback (consisting of Pete Croke, Jim Elkington, and Chris Hansen) took the stage at saki, the crowd quickly gathered 'round for slow grooves and knowing head-bobs. The group spent spring and winter of 2011 crafting a new batch of songs to unleash on the masses starting last fall, as they began playing their first gigs since 2008. 

Elkington and Croke make up the rhythm section, crafting a framework for McCombs and Hansen to explore and expound upon. The four-piece moved so in step with one another that it's hard to imagine any of them playing outside of this lineup, despite McCombs' bass duties in post rock legends Tortoise and Eleventh Dream Day. The crowd followed suit, swaying with each swell of "The Wire, the Rag, & the Payoff" and falling into a trance in "Everywhere Down Here."

Twangy enough for The Man With No Name and gritty enough for Mad Max, it's a difficult task to listen to Brokeback and not imagine a post-apocalyptic spaghetti western. Engines blaring, guns blazing...McCombs straddles that line of too brooding to be called rock and too complex to be called punk. Strap on the headphones, turn up the volume, and get lost in Brokeback's cinematic sound.