Since their beginnings in the mid-2000s, minimalist noise-pop had been Brooklyn-based duo Talk Normals staple. Their sound is a mere pledge to a no-wave noise that the two have crafted and perfected into a genre of their very own. 

Andrya Ambro, the venerable and multi-versed drummer has mastered the art of bare-boned percussion; instead of adding ornate objects and miscellany, she has opted for shedding unnecessary layers on her drum kit to create a more persistent and galloping temper. Her counterpart, Sarah Register, plays electric guitar and sings. The two put on quite a show, with dissonance and arpeggios, the rattles and yelps seemed like orders from a vociferous military officer. Singing in what is best described as melodic monotone, repeating anthems to people, places of the past.

Their latest release, Sunshine, which came out October 23 on Joyful Noise Records took a different avenue then their earlier releases. According to the two ladies, the record is more accessible to the listener. Ambro and guitarist/vocalist Sarah Register combine their dichotic voices like a swinging pendulum, pulsating whispers, and rants steadily droned in and out with a consistent drumbeat. Register can work the guitar. This is obvious by her apathetic way of whipping out riffs litigiously, making a non-believer a devout worshiper. 

Then came a recapitulation that crescendos back up to the climax. The songs plays like a tidal wave, far too fun and wildly unforgiving and persistent. “Lone General,” a thunderous song full of regimented drum rolls and heavy bass guitar matched their lyrics with the mood of the song precisely: “At it again, lone general, storming down the plain fire, stands high. Gone, gone, gone now. His Friends…” The bottom line is these chicks have raw talent and it would be a shame to miss their live show.