In just five years Record Store Day has carved a little niche for itself as one of the most celebrated events for music fans across the world. The Epitonic editors are excited about a) any holiday that promotes music ownership and independent retailers, and b) the number -- and breadth -- of releases that'll be available this Saturday, April 21st. With everything from death metal box sets to re-released John Hughes soundtracks, there's something to please every musical palate. Here's what we're looking forward to picking up on Saturday.

Animal Collective: Transverse Temporal Gyrus [Domino]
Animal Collective fans rejoice! Those who weren’t able to attend the band's New York City installation with director/ visual artist Danny Perez can finally hear a number of live and original tracks from Transverse Temporal Gyrus. The rare 12” inch will be available across the country for Record Store Day but due to the expected high demand, be sure to get there early if you want to snag a copy of this limited release.  -- Cristina Mendoza

Cleaners From Venus: Box Set Vol. 1 [Captured Tracks]
Features On Any Normal Monday, Blow Away Your Troubles, and Midnight Cleaners on LP! All three come as individual LPs too. -- Adam Hirzel

Okay, okay we already know that XXX was one of the premiere indie rap releases of 2011, but there is just something that keeps everyone coming back to this album for more. Perhaps it's Danny's wild man persona, or the over-the-top -- and sometimes grim -- situations never become less haunting with repeat listens. Danny's unique style, flow, lyricism, and ear for production help set him apart as one of the most unique rappers in the game. Fool's Gold will be releasing a limited edition white vinyl run of XXX with a seven-inch single on RSD. -- Nathan Loria

Death Grips: The Money Store [Epic]
After reading the lyrics to Death Grips’ 2011 mixtape Exmilitary, it appears that rapper Stefan Burnett is as evil as Tyler, the Creator was marketed to be. Rather than the occasional “666,” Burnett uses his warped imagination and relentless flow to paint hellish images. His twisted lyrics come out aggressively, with a hardcore punk yell at times. Producers Zach Hill and Andy Morin provide heavy, energized beats.

Death Grips’ major label debut The Money Store will be released three days early in limited quantities on Record Store Day. The format is marked as “miscellaneous” on the RSD site.  -- Parker Langvardt

Mastodon: Feistodon 7" and A Spoonful Weighs A Ton 7" [Warner Bros.]
With their 2011 album The Hunter, Mastodon adopted a free-spirited attitude toward music, leading to their 7” splits with Feist and The Flaming Lips for Record Store Day. On Feistodon, the artists will cover each others' songs- Feist’s “A Commotion” and Mastodon’s “Black Tongue. “A Commotion” will probably translate to metal fairly directly due to its rhythmic and dynamic nature. It is clear that Mastodon was attracted to The Flaming Lips’ “A Spoonful Weighs a Ton” due to its whimsical prog and southern heaviness. They will be covering it on the Warner Bros. Side by Side release with the Flaming Lips’ original. -- Parker Langvardt

Mclusky: Mclusky Do Dallas [Too Pure]
Mclusky always managed to mix just the right amount of apathy with frantic intensity, and 2002's Mclusky Do Dallas has no shortage of either part. "Alan is a Cowboy Killer" finds screaming guitars cutting through fuzzed-out bass lines in an intense wall of panicked sound...and "Alan..." is easily the most mellow track on the record. Dallas is an assault, from start to finish. "To Hell With Good Intentions" starts with crushing bass and squealing, anxiety-ridden guitars topped off with the disaffected passion of Falkous' "My love is bigger than your love/ We take more drugs than a touring funk band/ Sing it." Darkly humorous, politically and philosophically detached, and sonically gigantic, this record will change your life.

Thankfully, Too Pure is releasing a limited edition Mclusky Do Dallas on 150g white vinyl. -- Bob Hopkinson

Mynah Birds: It’s My Time 7” [Columbia]
Rick James AND Neil Young’s short-lived Motown act from ‘66. This is one Neil Young record you can’t steal from your parents record collection. -- Adam Hirzel

Patti Smith: Horses [Arista]
Not exactly a long-lost classic, but it's been unavailable for a little while now. Here's your chance to pick it up if you never did before! -- Adam Hirzel

Pelican’s first full-length album contains some of the group’s most crushing work, balanced by delicate acoustic sections. Australasia's beautiful cover and recordings get the treatment they deserve with a double LP reissue in a gatefold jacket. -- Parker Langvardt

Phish: Jaunta [Elektra]
As the attention span of music consumers shortens, it is increasingly impressive that Phish continues to command a near-religious following. Aside from the exhaustive summer tour schedule, perhaps no news delighted Phish fanatics more than the announcement that a limited pressing (5,000 copies) of the band’s debut album Jaunta would be released as a deluxe 3-LP set for Record Store Day. 

Originally recorded and released on a series of tapes in 1988, Jaunta is perhaps Phish’s most fêted album. Though truly a snapshot of a band in its infancy struggling to find an identity, Jaunta impeccably captures Phish’s incisive wit. Granted, it’s a marathon album with half the tracks clocking in at eight minutes or more and yes, parts of Jaunta can seem a bit interminable. But beyond anything else, the album serves to showcase Phish’s unwavering dedication to sonic voyaging, and over twenty years later is still a staple of improvisational rock. -- Mike Sinsheimer

Shabazz Palaces: Live at KEXP EP [Sub Pop Records] 
Shabazz Palaces are probably some of the most subtle rappers out there, yet they've made huge waves in the hip-hop community with their own exploration of what hip hop can be. With last year's Black Up receiving much critical acclaim, Palaces were invited to appear on Seattle's legendary indie radio station KEXP for a performance and interview. The live session went onto become one of KEXP's most popular live sessions to date and once you dig deeper into Shabazz Palaces it's easy to understand why. Sub Pop is releasing a run of 2,000 purple vinyl pressed records of this exploratory live session with KEXP. -- Nathan Loria

Various Artists: Smugglers Way [Domino]
I’ve never been so excited about a Record Store Day release. This Domino zine features five individual multi-colored flexi discs with exclusive and unreleased material from John Maus, Dirty Projectors, Cass McCombs, Real Estate, and Villagers. If that didn’t draw you in, it also boasts an impressive 24 pages of original artwork and prose from the likes of Wild Beasts, Laura Marling, The Kills, and Twin Sister, among others. Definitely a must-buy for any Domino fan and record junkie. -- Cristina Mendoza

Epitonic will be recording a full afternoon of in-store performances at saki on Record Store Day (4/21), presented by Brooklyn Vegan Chicago. Admission is free, and performances start at 1pm. Full line-up below:

1 pm: Santah
2 pm: Bare Mutants
3 pm: Cains & Abels
4 pm: Cross Record
5 pm: Minor Characters
6 pm: Hollows
7 pm: Opposites
8 pm: The Runnies

More details over at the saki blog.