As we mentioned at the beginning of the year, Epitonic is taking a bit of a different approach to curation in 2012. You’re still getting just as many tracks for streaming/download each week, but each month will have a kind of overarching editorial theme -- and the majority of the editor playlists and features are tied to that month's theme in some way.

Fittingly for a new year and a new approach to music curation, January’s theme was The Start. Among other topics, we discussed albums we’re excited to hear in 2012 and how consumers are hitting "refresh" on the vinyl industry. We explored a new city; we reviewed a young man’s primer to independent music.

Now, we’re ceding America to the highest bidder and going global: Throughout February, we’ll be highlighting international artists and labels via new scenes, interviews, and features.

Not all our lists will be quite so Eurocentric, but I thought it most appropriate to begin international month for myself by paying homage to a scene I was completely enraptured by throughout my entire adolescence: Britpop. Picture 16-year-old Susannah, excitedly listening to Pulp as her 1988 Chrysler Voyager minivan creeps onto I-40. Actually, wait -- please don’t picture that at all. Just listen to these tracks and enjoy them.