We're pleased as punch to premiere a brand new Chrissy Murderbot remix of Kyle Andrews' "Make Me Feel Human" exclusively at Epitonic.

Some of you might not be familiar with Kyle Andrews right off the top of your head and that's quite alright. Over the past few years Andrews has placed more songs on film, TV, and commercials than you can shake a stick at. Don't believe us? Here's a stick. He's done songs for Dell, Holiday Inn, Doritos, Grey's Anatomy and blown the pants off YouTube with his amazing videos. For the "You Always Make Me Smile" video, Andrews and friends attempted to break a Guinness World Record for largest water balloon fight and the Guggenheim (yes, that Guggenheim) gave mad props to his interactive video for "Sushi."

But we're not here to talk about videos, we're here to talk about Chrissy Murderbot's remix of "Make Me Feel Human," the original version of which will appear on Andrews' new album, Robot Learn Love, out August 16. Chrissy Murderbot (AKA Chris Shively) is a Chicago DJ and industry chameleon who runs two labels, releases mix tapes like they're going out of style, remixes and refixes (chops and edits), and hosts some the hottest parties on the planet (or so we've heard).

Without further ado, check out the exclusive premiere of "Make Me Feel Human (Chrissy Murderbot RMX)" and enjoy a selection of other Kyle Andrews straight tracks and remixes.