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The Anasazi

Anasazi is a Navajo word used to identify the cliff-dwelling ancestors of puebloan Native American tribes like the Hopi and Zuni; it translates to "Ancient Ancestors," or according to some Navajos, "Ancient Enemies." That might be the way this California hardcore group, comprised of former members of Mohinder, Jenny Piccolo, and Yaphett Kato, would like us to think about their music. It's violent and intensely visceral, angry in a somehow primitive way. Musicianship isn't the point here, it's catharsis, violent cleansing, something the band tries to achieve with lightening fast tempos, brutal guitars, and vocals that sound like primal scream therapy. Nothing better than this kind of stuff for getting the aggression out. The Anasazi's first full-length, Calculating Components and Compound Formulas for Mass Population Reconstruction, came out on Troubleman in the summer of 2000. It features "May Cause Damage to Fingers or Death."

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