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Ahh, the good old days, when bands were all about guitars and people weren't so obsessed with being lyrically obtuse. New York City's Sleepyhead comes straight from the Sonic Youth/Dinosaur Jr. school of rocking out. There is an unabashed joy to the songs on their 1993 debut album, Punk Rock City USA. When Slumberland Records originally released the record, most college radio bands were still toiling under the shadow of The Replacements and pop songs ruled the left of the dial. If you were listening to -- or involved in -- college radio during that time, Sleepyhead will sound like a welcome blast from the past.

Songs like "Different Colored Letters" and "Fairyboat," both from PRC USA, showcase Sleepyhead's joyous mix of carefree indie pop and painful teenage angst. On "Different Colored Letters," singer/guitarist Chris O'Rourke sweetly admits, "I know that I'm not the coolest guy in school...Maybe I'm too young for you and maybe you're too young for me/But just think of when you're 91, I'll be turning 93." O'Rourke's wan, wistful voice is the perfect topper for Racheal McNally's roiling drums and Michael Galinsky's understated bass.

In 1994, Sleepyhead moved to Homestead Records, where they released an EP in '94 (Starduster) and a full-length in '96 (Communist Love Songs). The band is still making delicious indie pop. Sealed Fate Records released the EP Late Night Thinking in 1997 and the full-length The Brighter Shore in 1999.