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Six Going On Seven

This Boston threesome originally faced the world as Puppet Show, but soon they adopted the name Six Going on Seven in honor of drummer Will Bartlett's nephew, who was six going on seven at the time. It's a strangely appropriate name for this uncynical, emotional pop band. The group's songs all have an unruly power to them that's subtly undercut by a kind of wistful sweetness (much like a six going on seven-year-old). Singer/bassist Josh English sings in a raw scratchy style that wanders from a wounded scream to thoughtful musing, as his bass chugs powerfully below. James Brandsford adds great rousing guitar parts that sometimes sound slightly jazz-inspired and Bartlett pins down these billowing songs with tight drumming. This is about as big and varied a sound as a trio can achieve, sometimes reminiscent of late-era Jawbreaker.

Six Going on Seven has two full-lengths to its credit, both on New York's Some Records. The first is the raw, rocking Self-Made Mess (1997). The second is the more accessible Heartbreak's Got Backbeat (1999), which features "How to Sell the Brooklyn Bridge" and "New/Improved!"

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