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S.O.L.O. S.O.L.O. Sackville Sackville Safety Scissors Safety Scissors Sahara Hotnights Sahara Hotnights Saigon Saigon Saint Etienne Saint Etienne Sainthood Reps Sainthood Reps Saku Saku Sam Prekop Sam Prekop Samarai Celestial Samarai Celestial Samo Sound Boy Samo Sound Boy Sampha Sampha Samuel L. Sessions Samuel L. Sessions Sandro Perri Sandro Perri Sanjiva Sanjiva Santah Santah Santigold Santigold Sappington Sappington Sarah Dougher Sarah Dougher Sarah Hopkins Sarah Hopkins Sarah Jaffe Sarah Jaffe Sarah McLachlan Sarah McLachlan Sarah White Sarah White Saso Saso Sat. Nite Duets Sat. Nite Duets Satan's Pilgrims Satan's Pilgrims Satellite Voices Satellite Voices Satisfact Satisfact Saturday Looks Good To Me Saturday Looks Good To Me Save The Clocktower Save The Clocktower Savoir Adore Savoir Adore Say Hi Say Hi SBTRKT SBTRKT Scaly Whale Scaly Whale Scapegoat Wax Scapegoat Wax Scarnella Scarnella Scattered Trees Scattered Trees Scenic Scenic Scenic Scenic Schlippenbach Quartet Schlippenbach Quartet Schonheitsfehler with the Subterraneanz, Die Symbiose, and the Waxolutionists Schonheitsfehler with the Subterraneanz, Die Symbiose, and the Waxolutionists School Knights School Knights School of Seven Bells School of Seven Bells Schoolboy Q Schoolboy Q Scientist Scientist Scott H Biram Scott H Biram Scott Tuma Scott Tuma Scout Niblett Scout Niblett Screens Screens Scuba Scuba SD SD Sea Lions Sea Lions Sea Oleena Sea Oleena Sea Tiger Sea Tiger Sea Wolf Sea Wolf Seafoam Seafoam Seam Seam Sean Flinn & The Royal We Sean Flinn & The Royal We Sean Na Na Sean Na Na Seana Carmody Seana Carmody Seapony Seapony Seasons (Pre-Din) Seasons (Pre-Din) Seaworthy Seaworthy Sebadoh Sebadoh Secadora Secadora Secret Colours Secret Colours Secret Dakota Ring Secret Dakota Ring Secret Machines Secret Machines SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL Seki Seki Sennen Sennen Sense Field Sense Field Sepia Sepia Serena-Maneesh Serena-Maneesh Serengeti Serengeti Serotonin Serotonin Serpentine Path Serpentine Path Seun Kuti Seun Kuti Seven Channels Seven Channels Seven Divine and Malik Ameer Seven Divine and Malik Ameer Seven Dub Seven Dub Sex Hands Sex Hands Shabazz Palaces Shabazz Palaces Shad T. Scott Shad T. Scott Shadowbug 4 Shadowbug 4 Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Shake Ray Turbine Shake Ray Turbine Shakespace Shakespace Shakeyface Shakeyface Shakuhachi Surprise Shakuhachi Surprise Shannon Hayden Shannon Hayden Shannon Wright Shannon Wright Shannon Yarbrough Shannon Yarbrough Shantel Shantel Shapes and Sizes Shapes and Sizes Sharam Jey & Nick K. Sharam Jey & Nick K. Shark Quest Shark Quest Sharks Keep Moving Sharks Keep Moving Sharon Phillips Sharon Phillips Sharon Van Etten Sharon Van Etten Shawn Ward Shawn Ward Shearwater Shearwater Shellac Shellac Shellito Shellito Shigeto Shigeto Shiloh Shiloh Shimmering Stars Shimmering Stars Shiner Shiner Shines 'n' F-roc Shines 'n' F-roc Shipping News Shipping News Shit Robot Shit Robot Shivaree Shivaree Shlohmo Shlohmo Shmu Shmu Shortwave Shortwave Shotmaker Shotmaker Shout Out Louds Shout Out Louds ShowYouSuck ShowYouSuck Shudder To Think Shudder To Think Shuggie Shuggie Shy, Low Shy, Low Si*Se Si*Se Si-{cut}.db Si-{cut}.db Sianspheric Sianspheric Sich Mang Sich Mang Sid Selvidge Sid Selvidge Sidekick Kato Sidekick Kato Sidestepper Sidestepper Sidewalk Chalk Sidewalk Chalk Sidi Touré Sidi Touré Signal to Noise Signal to Noise Signer Signer Sigur Ros Sigur Ros Silje Nes Silje Nes Silken Silken Silkworm Silkworm Silver Scooter Silver Scooter Simian Ghost Simian Ghost Simian Mobile Disco Simian Mobile Disco Simon Fisher Turner Simon Fisher Turner Simon Joyner Simon Joyner Simon V Simon V Simply Saucer Simply Saucer Sin Fang Sin Fang Sinc Collective Sinc Collective Singapore Sling Singapore Sling Single Cell Orchestra Single Cell Orchestra SINKANE SINKANE Sir Wine Sir Wine Siskiyou Siskiyou Six By Seven Six By Seven Six Going On Seven Six Going On Seven Sixkiller Sixkiller Sixteen Horsepower Sixteen Horsepower Sizzla Sizzla SK Radicals SK Radicals Skaggs, Scruggs, Cotton, Savoy's and Band Skaggs, Scruggs, Cotton, Savoy's and Band Skanfrom Skanfrom Skeleton Key Skeleton Key Skin Jobs Skin Jobs Skindive Skindive Skull Kontrol Skull Kontrol Sky Spooner Sky Spooner Slackjaw Slackjaw Slaves Slaves Sleater-Kinney Sleater-Kinney Sleep Maps Sleep Maps Sleep ∞ Over Sleep ∞ Over Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag Sleeping People Sleeping People Sleepstream Sleepstream Sleepyhead Sleepyhead Sleepytime Trio Sleepytime Trio Sleigh Bells Sleigh Bells Slimer Slimer Slint Slint Slipcritical Slipcritical Slipstream Slipstream Slow Supreme Slow Supreme Small Black Small Black Small Brown Bike Small Brown Bike Smaug Smaug Smile Smile Smith Westerns Smith Westerns Smog Smog Smoker's Jacket Smoker's Jacket Smokey and the Bandito Smokey and the Bandito Snow Slow Party Snow Slow Party SNOWMINE SNOWMINE Snuff Snuff So Many Wizards So Many Wizards So Takahashi So Takahashi Social Deviantz Social Deviantz Sol-I Sol-I Solange Solange Sole & the Skyrider Band Sole & the Skyrider Band Sole and JC Sole and JC Soledad Brothers Soledad Brothers Solex Solex Sóley Sóley Solid Doctor Solid Doctor Solid Ground Solid Ground Solid State Solid State Solos Solos Solvent Solvent Som Som Soma Sonic Soma Sonic Some Community Some Community Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Something In Spanish Something In Spanish Somos Cordero Somos Cordero Somoton Somoton Son House Son House Son Lux Son Lux Son Volt Son Volt Sonar Sonar Sondre Lerche Sondre Lerche Song Of Zarathustra Song Of Zarathustra Songs Of Green Pheasant Songs Of Green Pheasant Songs: Ohia Songs: Ohia Sonic Youth Sonic Youth Sonny and the Sunsets Sonny and the Sunsets Sonny Sixkiller Sonny Sixkiller Sons and Daughters Sons and Daughters Sons Of Mecha Sons Of Mecha Sophie B Hawkins Sophie B Hawkins Sorry About Dresden Sorry About Dresden Soul Assassins Soul Assassins Soul Circuit Soul Circuit Soul Prophetic Sound Soul Prophetic Sound Soul Quality Quartet Soul Quality Quartet Soul-Junk Soul-Junk Souldoubt Souldoubt Souled American Souled American Soulo Soulo Soulpatrol Soulpatrol Souls Of Mischief Souls Of Mischief Soulstice Soulstice Sounds From the Ground Sounds From the Ground South (U.K.) South (U.K.) South (U.S.) South (U.S.) Spaceghostpurrp Spaceghostpurrp Spaceheads Spaceheads Spaceheads and Max Eastley Spaceheads and Max Eastley Spacemen 3 Spacemen 3 Spacer Spacer Spacetime Continuum Spacetime Continuum Spacetribe Spacetribe Spaceways Incorporated Spaceways Incorporated Spanakorzo Spanakorzo Spank Rock Spank Rock Sparks Sparks SPEAK SPEAK Speakerslut Speakerslut Spectre Folk Spectre Folk Speedbuggy USA Speedbuggy USA Speedealer Speedealer Speedking Speedking Speedy Ortiz Speedy Ortiz Spinachprince Spinachprince Spirit If Spirit If Spirits of the Dead Spirits of the Dead Spiro Projecto Spiro Projecto Spokane Spokane Spool Spool Spoon Spoon Sport Murphy Sport Murphy Sporto Kantes Sporto Kantes SQ SQ Squab Teen Squab Teen Squadda Bambino Squadda Bambino Squalloscope Squalloscope ST 2 Lettaz ST 2 Lettaz St. Andy St. Andy St. Germain St. Germain St. Lucia St. Lucia St. Vincent St. Vincent Stacian Stacian Stacy Kidd Stacy Kidd Stag Stag Stairs To Korea Stairs To Korea Standard Fare Standard Fare Star Slinger Star Slinger Star Slingers Dancehall Star Slingers Dancehall Starfucker Starfucker Starlight Mints Starlight Mints Starometska Starometska Stars Stars Stars As Eyes Stars As Eyes Stars of the Lid Stars of the Lid Starship Beer Starship Beer State Of Trance State Of Trance Steam Steam Steb Sly Steb Sly Steel Train Steel Train Stefan Manceau/Christophe Bouthe Stefan Manceau/Christophe Bouthe Stefano Scodanibbio Stefano Scodanibbio Steffaloo Steffaloo Steffen Basho Junghans Steffen Basho Junghans Stepdad Stepdad Stephen Lynch Stephen Lynch Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Stephen Scott Stephen Scott Stephen Vitiello Stephen Vitiello Stephin Merritt Stephin Merritt Stereobate Stereobate Stereolab Stereolab Stereotyp Stereotyp Sterling Sterling Sterling Silver Sterling Silver Steve Beresford and Tristan Honsinger Steve Beresford and Tristan Honsinger Steve Fisk Steve Fisk Steve Hauschildt Steve Hauschildt Steve Lacy, Irene Aebi, and Frederic Rzewski Steve Lacy, Irene Aebi, and Frederic Rzewski Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys Steve Von Till Steve Von Till Stigma Rock Unit Stigma Rock Unit Still Corners Still Corners Stilluppsteypa Stilluppsteypa Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome Stoppa & Nobby Stoppa & Nobby Storey/Ayers/Greif Storey/Ayers/Greif Storm and Stress Storm and Stress Strand of Oaks Strand of Oaks Strange Talk Strange Talk Strapping Fieldhands Strapping Fieldhands Stricken For Catherine Stricken For Catherine Strike Anywhere Strike Anywhere Stuart Dempster Stuart Dempster Stuntman Stuntman Stygian Stride Stygian Stride Styles Of Beyond Styles Of Beyond Sub Debs Sub Debs SubArachnoid Space SubArachnoid Space SubCode SubCode Subpoena The Past Subpoena The Past Subset Subset Sufjan Stevens Sufjan Stevens Sugar Shack Sugar Shack Sully Sully Summerbirds in the Cellar Summerbirds in the Cellar Sun Airway Sun Airway Sun Glitters Sun Glitters Sun Kil Moon Sun Kil Moon Sun Myth Sun Myth Sunbears! Sunbears! Sunday's Best Sunday's Best Sunkissed Sunkissed Sunn O))) Sunn O))) SunnMoonSekt SunnMoonSekt Sunrise Society Sunrise Society Sunset Rubdown Sunset Rubdown Sunset Valley Sunset Valley Sunshine Sunshine Super Helpful Super Helpful Super XX Man Super XX Man Superchunk Superchunk Superdrag Superdrag Superhumanoids Superhumanoids Supersoul Supersoul Supersystem Supersystem Suplex Suplex Supreme Beings Of Leisure Supreme Beings Of Leisure Supreme Cuts Supreme Cuts Supreme Team (Madlib & Karriem Riggins) Supreme Team (Madlib & Karriem Riggins) Suretoss Suretoss Surf City Surf City Surface Surface Surface Of Eceon Surface Of Eceon Surrogat Surrogat Sutekh Sutekh Suuns Suuns Suzanne Langille With Loren MazzaCane Connors Suzanne Langille With Loren MazzaCane Connors Sven-Ake Johansson Sven-Ake Johansson Swans Swans Swayzak Swayzak Swearin' Swearin' Swearing At Motorists Swearing At Motorists Sweeder Sweeder Sweep The Leg Johnny Sweep The Leg Johnny Sweet Trip Sweet Trip Sweet Valley Sweet Valley Sweetbelly Freakdown Sweetbelly Freakdown Swell Swell Swell Session Swell Session Swindle Swindle Swirlies Swirlies Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swollen Members Swollen Members Synapse Synapse sync, synthetic sync, synthetic System F Featuring Marc Almond System F Featuring Marc Almond The Sanctuaries The Sanctuaries The Saturday People The Saturday People The Sea and Cake The Sea and Cake The Shaky Hands The Shaky Hands The Shinin' The Shinin' The Shins The Shins The Shivers The Shivers The Shortwave Channel The Shortwave Channel The Shout Aways The Shout Aways The Silent League The Silent League The Silverman The Silverman The Simple Ones The Simple Ones The Sinking Ships The Sinking Ships The Six Parts Seven The Six Parts Seven The Skull Defekts The Skull Defekts The Slaves The Slaves The Smoking Popes The Smoking Popes The Soft Boys The Soft Boys The Softies The Softies The Sonics The Sonics The Sorts The Sorts The Spells The Spells The Spires of Oxford The Spires of Oxford The Spoon Wizard The Spoon Wizard The Spring Standards The Spring Standards The Standard The Standard The Starlite Desperation The Starlite Desperation The Starseeds The Starseeds The Stepkids The Stepkids The Stereo State The Stereo State The Strange Boys The Strange Boys The Stratford 4 The Stratford 4 The Strokes The Strokes The Styrenes The Styrenes The Sundelles The Sundelles The Sunshine Fix The Sunshine Fix The Superions The Superions The Swords Project The Swords Project