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An Horse An Horse H-Foundation H-Foundation H.S.O. H.S.O. Ha Ha Tonka Ha Ha Tonka Haazz and Company Haazz and Company Hal Russell's Chemical Feast Hal Russell's Chemical Feast Haleek Maul Haleek Maul Half Japanese Half Japanese HALFMANHALF x G_Force HALFMANHALF x G_Force Hall of Fame Hall of Fame Halo Varga Halo Varga Hamell on Trial Hamell on Trial Hammer No More The Fingers Hammer No More The Fingers Hammers of Misfortune Hammers of Misfortune Hammie Nixon, Van Zula Hunt and the Beale Street Jug Band Hammie Nixon, Van Zula Hunt and the Beale Street Jug Band Han Bennink Han Bennink Han Bennink & Terrie Ex Han Bennink & Terrie Ex Handbook Handbook HandieMan Maurice HandieMan Maurice Hands Hands Handsome Furs Handsome Furs Hank Williams Hank Williams Hannah Marcus Hannah Marcus Hans Appelqvist Hans Appelqvist Hans Brimi and Pernille Anker Hans Brimi and Pernille Anker Happy Pills Happy Pills Har Mar Superstar Har Mar Superstar Harold Budd Harold Budd Harriet the Spy Harriet the Spy Harvey Milk Harvey Milk Has-Lo Has-Lo Havergal Havergal Hawke Hawke Haymarket Riot Haymarket Riot Haywood Haywood Head of Femur Head of Femur Head Of Skulls! Head Of Skulls! Headless Horseman Headless Horseman Healamonster Healamonster HEALTH HEALTH Heartless Bastards Heartless Bastards Heartworms Heartworms Heat Sensor Heat Sensor Heather Duby Heather Duby Heathered Pearls Heathered Pearls Heavenly Heavenly Heavenly Beat Heavenly Beat Heems Heems Hefner Hefner Heidi Berry Heidi Berry Heidi Saperstein Heidi Saperstein Helado Negro Helado Negro Helium Helium Hella Hella Helms Helms Hematic Sunsets Hematic Sunsets Henry Cowell Henry Cowell Henry's Dress Henry's Dress Her Parents Her Parents her space holiday her space holiday Here We Go Magic Here We Go Magic Herman Düne Herman Düne Heroin Heroin Heroin In Tahiti Heroin In Tahiti Herzog Herzog Hesohi Hesohi Hex Error Hex Error Hey Mercedes Hey Mercedes Hey! Tonal Hey! Tonal Hi Fi Killers Hi Fi Killers Hidden Hospitals Hidden Hospitals High Places High Places Highlife Highlife Hilkka Hilkka His Hero Is Gone His Hero Is Gone His Name Is Alive His Name Is Alive His Name is Alive His Name is Alive Hodgy Beats Hodgy Beats Hog Molly Hog Molly HOLAS HOLAS Holiday Flyer Holiday Flyer hollAnd hollAnd Hollows Hollows Holly Golightly Holly Golightly Holobody Holobody Holograms Holograms Holy Other Holy Other Homeliss Derelix Homeliss Derelix Honest Engines Honest Engines Honeydogs Honeydogs Hood Hood Hooded Menace Hooded Menace Hoover Hoover Horse Feathers Horse Feathers Horseback Horseback Horsemilk Horsemilk Hospital Ships Hospital Ships Hospitality Hospitality Hot Snakes Hot Snakes Hot Water Music Hot Water Music HotChaCha HotChaCha Hotel Full Of Cops Hotel Full Of Cops House Shoes House Shoes Housey Doingz Housey Doingz How to Dress Well How to Dress Well Howie B Howie B Howie Beck Howie Beck Howth Howth Hrvatski Hrvatski Hubble Hubble huffy huffy HULL HULL Human Human Humans Humans Hungry Kids Of Hungary Hungry Kids Of Hungary Hunters Hunters Hunx and His Punks Hunx and His Punks Huon Huon Hurl Hurl Hyetal Hyetal Hypermagic Hypermagic The Hal Al Shedad The Hal Al Shedad The Halo Benders The Halo Benders The Handsome Family The Handsome Family The Hated The Hated The Head and the Heart The Head and the Heart The Heavy The Heavy The Heavy Circles The Heavy Circles The Herbaliser The Herbaliser The Hex The Hex The High Confessions The High Confessions The High Fidelity The High Fidelity The Higher Intelligence Agency The Higher Intelligence Agency The Hold Steady The Hold Steady The Holy Childhood The Holy Childhood The Hood Internet The Hood Internet The HooDoo Gurus The HooDoo Gurus The Horrors The Horrors The Hot Monkey The Hot Monkey The Houston Brothers The Houston Brothers The Hundred in The Hands The Hundred in The Hands The Hungry 5 Thousand The Hungry 5 Thousand