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C-Clamp C-Clamp C.I.A. C.I.A. C.O.C.O. C.O.C.O. Cadallaca Cadallaca Cadence Weapon Cadence Weapon Cains & Abels Cains & Abels Calabash Case Calabash Case Calexico Calexico Cali Agents Cali Agents Calibos Calibos Califone Califone California Wives California Wives Call and Response Call and Response Call Me Loretta Call Me Loretta Callers Callers Camden Camden Camera Obscura Camera Obscura Camille Camille Camper Van Beethoven Camper Van Beethoven Campfires Campfires Can Can Canasta Canasta CAndiES CAndiES Candy Claws Candy Claws Canon Blue Canon Blue Cantoma Cantoma Canyon Canyon Canyons Canyons Cap'n Jazz Cap'n Jazz Capitol K Capitol K Capricorn Capricorn Capsule 150 Capsule 150 Captain Murphy Captain Murphy Carbon Tigers Carbon Tigers Cardo Cardo Careful Careful Caribou Caribou Carl Cox Carl Cox Carlos Manuel Carlos Manuel Caroline Caroline Cars Get Crushed Cars Get Crushed Carter Tanton Carter Tanton Case Studies Case Studies Casey Hogan & G.O.L. Casey Hogan & G.O.L. Casey Veggies Casey Veggies Cash Audio Cash Audio Cash Brown Cash Brown Casino Versus Japan Casino Versus Japan Casiokids Casiokids Caspian Caspian Cass McCombs Cass McCombs Cassian Cassian Cast Spells Cast Spells Cat Power Cat Power Cate Le Bon Cate Le Bon Caterpillar Caterpillar Cathal Coughlan Cathal Coughlan Catherine MacLellan Catherine MacLellan Cato Salsa Experience Cato Salsa Experience Caught In The Wake Forever Caught In The Wake Forever Cave Painting Cave Painting Caveman Caveman Ceiba Ceiba Centipedes Centipedes Centro-Matic Centro-Matic Cerberus Shoal Cerberus Shoal Ceremony Ceremony Ceschi Ceschi Cessna Cessna Cex Cex Chad Valley Chad Valley Chad VanGaalen Chad VanGaalen Chains of Love Chains of Love Chairlift Chairlift Challenges Challenges Champions Champions Chance The Rapper Chance The Rapper Chandeliers Chandeliers Chaotic Past Chaotic Past Charalambides Charalambides Charles Dodge Charles Dodge Charles Spencer Charles Spencer Charms Charms Chavez Chavez Chelsea Light Moving Chelsea Light Moving Chelsea Wolfe Chelsea Wolfe Cherubino Cherubino Chessie Chessie Chevreuil Chevreuil Chicks on Speed Chicks on Speed Chiddy Bang Chiddy Bang Chief Keef Chief Keef Childish Gambino Childish Gambino Chin Up Chin Up Chin Up Chin Up China, the Beautiful China, the Beautiful Chino Chino Chino Horde Chino Horde Chisel Chisel CHLLNGR CHLLNGR Choir of Young Believers Choir of Young Believers Chomsky Chomsky Chord Chord Chris Allen Chris Allen Chris Anderson Chris Anderson Chris Brokaw Chris Brokaw Chris Connelly Chris Connelly Chris Jackson Chris Jackson Chris Lum Chris Lum Chris Malinchak Chris Malinchak Chris Mills Chris Mills Christophe Goze Christophe Goze Christopher Just Christopher Just Christopher Lawrence Christopher Lawrence Chromatics Chromatics Chrome Canyon Chrome Canyon Chrome Sparks Chrome Sparks Chuck Inglish Chuck Inglish Chune Chune Chushen and Cugin Chushen and Cugin Cian Nugent Cian Nugent Cim Cim Cinematic Orchestra Cinematic Orchestra Circle Of Dead Children Circle Of Dead Children Circuit Des Yeux Circuit Des Yeux Cirrus Cirrus Citay Citay Citay Citay Citizen Bird Citizen Bird Citizen Fish Citizen Fish City Dreams City Dreams CIVIL CIVIC CIVIL CIVIC Clams Casino Clams Casino Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clare and the Reasons Clare and the Reasons Class Actress Class Actress Cleaners From Venus Cleaners From Venus Cleave Cleave Clem Snide Clem Snide Cletus Cletus Clifford Thornton New Art Ensemble Clifford Thornton New Art Ensemble Clifton Chenier Clifton Chenier Clikatat Ikatowi Clikatat Ikatowi Clinic Clinic Clive Tanaka y Su Orquesta Clive Tanaka y Su Orquesta Clock Hands Strangle Clock Hands Strangle Clock Opera Clock Opera Clogs Clogs Clone Clone Closed Sessions: "For No One" featuring Esso and Scheme (prod by Tony Baines) Closed Sessions: "For No One" featuring Esso and Scheme (prod by Tony Baines) Clothesline Revival Clothesline Revival Cloud Car Cloud Car Cloud Control Cloud Control Cloud Cult Cloud Cult Cloud Nothings Cloud Nothings Cloudland Canyon Cloudland Canyon Clouds as Oceans Clouds as Oceans Cloudy Busey Cloudy Busey Clues Clues Coastal Coastal Cocksure Cocksure CocoRosie CocoRosie Code Pie Code Pie Codebase Codebase Coffin Pricks Coffin Pricks Coins Coins Cold Cave Cold Cave Coldcut Coldcut Colin Stetson Colin Stetson Coliseum Coliseum Colongib & Christopher Graves Colongib & Christopher Graves Colophon Colophon Color Filter Color Filter Color Filter With Sweet Trip Color Filter With Sweet Trip Colossamite Colossamite Colour Revolt Colour Revolt Colourbox Colourbox Com Truise Com Truise Come Come Comecrudos EP Comecrudos EP Comet Gain Comet Gain Commercial Commercial Common Shiner Common Shiner Company of Thieves Company of Thieves Compound Red Compound Red Computer Cougar Computer Cougar Computer Magic Computer Magic Concentrick Concentrick Confidon Confidon Conor Oberst Conor Oberst Consonant Consonant Constantines Constantines Control Machete Control Machete Controlled Bleeding Controlled Bleeding Conveyor Conveyor Cornelius Cornelius Cornershop Cornershop Cosmo Jarvis Cosmo Jarvis Cottonbelly Cottonbelly Couch Couch Cough Cough Coultrain Coultrain Counter Strike Counter Strike Country Mice Country Mice Cousteau Cousteau Cracker Cracker Crackerbash Crackerbash Craft Spells Craft Spells Crain Crain Creedle Creedle Creep Creep Creeper Lagoon Creeper Lagoon Crescent Crescent Creta Bourzia Creta Bourzia Crispy Ambulance Crispy Ambulance Critters Buggin Critters Buggin Crooked Fingers Crooked Fingers Cross Record Cross Record Cruiser Cruiser Crypts Crypts Crystal Antlers Crystal Antlers Crystal Stilts Crystal Stilts CSS CSS Cubs Cubs Cuckoo Chaos Cuckoo Chaos Cul de Sac Cul de Sac Cultfever Cultfever Cults Cults Curren$y Curren$y Current Current Cursive Cursive Curtis Bay Curtis Bay Cut Copy Cut Copy Cut Off Your Hands Cut Off Your Hands Cutty Ranks Cutty Ranks Cycle Hiccups Cycle Hiccups Cyclics Cyclics Cymbals Eat Guitars Cymbals Eat Guitars Czar Czar The Cancer Conspiracy The Cancer Conspiracy The Capitol Years The Capitol Years The Capsules The Capsules The Carter Family The Carter Family The Cassettes The Cassettes The Catch Fire The Catch Fire The Causey Way The Causey Way The Cave Singers The Cave Singers The Cesarians The Cesarians The Che Arthur Three The Che Arthur Three The Church The Church The Civil Wars The Civil Wars The Clap The Clap The Clean The Clean The Clientele The Clientele The Coasts The Coasts The Coctails The Coctails The Conformists The Conformists The Contrail The Contrail The Convocation The Convocation The Corin Tucker Band The Corin Tucker Band The Cost The Cost The Court and Spark The Court and Spark The Crabs The Crabs The Cranium The Cranium The Creators The Creators The Criminals The Criminals The Crust Brothers The Crust Brothers The Crystal Ark The Crystal Ark The Crystal Method The Crystal Method The Cubby Creatures The Cubby Creatures The Curious Digit The Curious Digit The Curtains The Curtains