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The U.S. is not widely considered a production hotbed for the more chilled, dreamy drum and bass you would find on labels such as Good Looking, Nexus, and 720. Hardly surprising really, considering that the country's brightest stars -- DJ Dara, Dieselboy, UFO!, DJ Abstract, and Jason Mouse -- are all firmly on the tech step warpath. Enter into the dream fold Kaos and Method One. Since making the pilgrimage from Philadelphia (where they co-hosted Platinum with Dieselboy and DJ Sine) to the sunny shores of San Francisco, Kaos (Chris Ritter) and Method One (Jason Leder) have established themselves as the country's leading exponents of deep, oceanic drum and bass production.

As individual DJs, the two hold a residency at top S.F. nightspot 1015 Folsom; as Atlantiq, they have had tracks signed to DJ Tayla's Nexus imprint (a part of LTJ Bukem's ever-expanding Good Looking empire). "Pulsar," their debut for San Francisco-based Elite Recordings will bring both artist and label into the limelight. Its clever blend of tough, driving beats and cerebral chords will have the three to five A.M. crowd doing cartwheels and star jumps in rapid succession.

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