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Bloomington, Indiana instrumental trio Ativin explores the outer reaches of dynamic songwriting and performance. Their music is sometimes delicately brooding, immersing the listener with complexly interwoven and beautiful guitar, and sometimes it is crushingly powerful, gaining volume and momentum and pushing the limits of instrumentation with intricate arrangements and dramatic time changes.

Ativin's music is influenced by the crashing storm and stress of Chicago bands like Shellac, the orchestral nuances of Louisville's Rodan and Rachel's, and the free experimentation of instrumental jazz. "I Know One Hundred Things" is from Ativin's 1996 Polyvinyl EP Pills vs. Planes. "Fortune Telling Fish" and "Modern Gang Reader" are from their 1999 Secretly Canadian debut full-length, German Water. "CY" is from the band's Summing the Approach EP, released later the same year. In 2001, after a two-and-a-half year absence, the band released their second full-length, Interiors, on Secretly Canadian. "Scissors" and "Two Knives As Crutches" are from that most recent release.