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Astral Matrix

Astral Matrix is Andrew Johnson, a San Francisco musician who creates electronic dance music. Formed in 1993, Astral Matrix and his self-run label O.O.B.E. (Out Of Body Experience) have been devoted to spreading the sound of the machines via turntables worldwide. A veteran of the underground dance music scene in San Francisco, Johnson has played in various musical projects since 1990.

Astral Matrix has appeared on many projects and labels, including Twitch, Oboro, Silent, City of Angels, Rampant, (as RE2OR1 with Tony Hewitt), XLR8R Traks, and OOBE, and has already produced and released a large catalog of music.

However, the talents of Astral Matrix are not limited to the studio. With his live PA, Astral Matrix takes his music directly to the dance floor, playing a thunderous live electronic set that moves through acid house and techno, into drum and bass and beyond. Over the past three years, Astral Matrix has toured extensively throughout North America and has played in just about every major city in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico.

Astral Matrix has created over 15 records, has been featured on various CD compilations, and has released two full-length albums: Secret Broadcast and Live On Haight.

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