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Aspera Ad Astra

Aspera Ad Astra, whose name, loosely translated, means "through difficulty to the stars," first formed in Philadelphia in 1996. They released a split seven-inch with Haelah as part of the celebrated Postmarked Stamps series on Tree Records records, as well as a full-length album, Peace, on AudioInformationPhenomenon. This song is from their first release on Tiger Style Records, a split CD/LP with fellow Philly rockers the Lilys. Both bands share an appreciation for the sounds of the sixties, with Aspera Ad Astra leaning more towards the psychedelic end of the musical spectrum. A warbling guitar loop repeats under a shifting, dreamy wash of bass and drums, providing the perfect conceptual background to the keyboards and vocals. This is swirling, whirling pop that's sure to please fans of psych rock and Brit pop alike.

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