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Look, Los Angeles quartet Arlo isn't going to get any medals for innovation, and they're not looking for any. They're just interested in bringing the rock to the people. Three minutes and three chords is usually all they need to deliver the goods. Their songs are big and burly, covered with lots of garage grime and sometimes just a bit of roots-rock grit. Friendly melodies and thick hooks dominate. Principal members Nate Greely and Sean Spillane, who share the singing and guitar-slinging duties, have been smoking pot, listening to the The Pixies and Stones, and playing in a band together for the better part of a decade. The band used to be called to be called Otto, but after recruiting their buddies Soup and Shmedley to play drums and bass for them, Greely and Spillane switched to Arlo, in honor of their favorite soundman at their favorite club, Mr. T's Bowl. Up High in the Night is Arlo's debut album.

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