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Appendix Out

Singer/guitarist Ali Roberts and bassist/violinist Dave E. formed Appendix Out in 1994 and recorded several songs at home on a four-track. They passed a demo tape to Will Oldham at a Palace Brothers show, and Oldham liked what he heard well enough to release a seven-inch ("Ice Age" b/w "Pissed with You") on his Palace Records label in 1996. This association has garnered many comparisons between Appendix Out and Palace Brothers, and indeed, both share almost-painful raw emotions and an exquisite delicateness. Roberts's plaintive vocals and the group's damaged-folk sound will appeal to fans of Oldham's work.

The last name-wary Appendix Out later added cellist Louise D., drummer Eva Peck, guitarist/percussionist Gareth Eggie, and flutist/keyboardist Tom C. to round out Roberts and Dave E.'s spare compositions. In addition to two full-lengths -- 1997's The Rye Bears a Poison and 1999's Daylight Saving, both on Drag City -- Appendix Out has released numerous seven-inch singles, both alone and with artists like Songs: Ohia. In 1997, Drag City released Appendix Out's debut album, The Rye Bears a Poison, which garnered near-universal acclaim. The two featured songs -- the somber, melancholy "Ein Grauerstar In Der Kavallerie" and the haunting, beautiful instrumental "And Den Nachtimmel Gewohnt" -- are from the seven-inch Lieder Fur Kaspar Hauser, released on Western Vinyl in 2000. Two songs for lost innocence, two songs for the party of one.