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Analog Brothers

It all started as a joke about the RZA. The liner notes of Dr. Dooom aka Kool Keith's classic album First Come, First Served featured a joke ad for an upcoming album by Robbie Analog (Get it? Bobby Digital? Robbie Analog? Oh, nevermind). Most people assumed this just another one of Kool Keith's seemingly endless cast of wacky characters and aliases, such as Black Elvis, Dr. Octagon, Rhythm X, Reverend Tom, Big Willie Smith, Mr. Green, Mr. Gerbik (half shark-alligator/half-man), and so on.

Somewhere along the way, Kool Keith hooked up with gangsta icon Ice T, and the two rap legends decided to record an album as the Analog Brothers. As Keith Korgg and Ice Oscillator, they made contact with three other brothers from other planets and began recording material. The result is some funky, low orbit, Left Coast stuff: think Mothership-era George Clinton or Newcleus on crack.

Though they may dress like a crew of psychotic space-age pimps (complete with plaid cummerbunds), the Analog Brothers are no joke when it comes to making hip hop. The lead off 12-inch 2005 showcases their unique approach to the art: heavy synthesizer tracks (analog synths, of course), slumpin' drums, and ultra-complex lyrics that come off like passages from an astrophysics textbook. The other Analog Brothers, Mark Moogg, Silver Synth, Pimp Rex (aka Rex Roland JX3P), and guest Odd Oberheim are no slouches on the lyrical tip and are clearly influenced by the teachings of their older brother, Keith Korgg. The result is reminiscent of Keith's past collaborations with former rhyme partner Sir Menelik. With the Analog Brothers at the controls, space is about to be a much stranger place.

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