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American Analog Set

Since the middle of the 1990s, a tasteful quintet from the Lone Star State called The American Analog Set has been shaping perfect pieces of graceful, economical indie pop. Like the late lamented Bedhead, which also came out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, this group explores subtle quiet moods, but steers clear of Bedhead's occasional noisiness and dark brooding jags, tending instead toward the warm, mellow, bliss of a late summer's afternoon. Nothing about their songs feels indulgent, as so often seems to be the case with groups working the slow and quiet indie pop tip, and that proves very refreshing. The American Analog Set keeps the tempos moderate and steady, skating lightly across the surface of your consciousness with a winning mixture of soft, carefully considered vocals, warm dreamy guitars, a languid rhythm section, and occasional gentle ripples of organ. The combination may remind you of some of your favorite old Yo La Tengo guitar pop songs.

Since forming from the ashes of a group called Electric Company back in 1994, the American Analog Set has been recording records at a fairly steady rate, issuing three on Emperor Jones Records before moving on to Tiger Style, which put out their beautifully low-key album Know By Heart in 2001. They've also put out a rarities collection on Emperor Jones, Through the 1990s: Singles and Unreleased, and a 2002 remix EP called Updates with point-and-click from folks like Her Space Holiday and Styrofoam.