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Aleutian has developed out of seven years of collaborative projects, involving members singer/guitarist Bradford Prenda, bassist Michael Dobkowski, drummer Stephen Dobkowski, and keyboardist Jeremy Prevost. Originally from the East Coast city of Portsmouth, NH, the band has entered a new phase in its musical career since moving to Chicago in October of 1998.

Aleutian's creepy din is in evidence on their most recent album, Frame Dragging, previously released in 1998 on Ultra Sound Records in Portsmouth. Ethnic coated drums and solid bass lay a firm foundation. Ambient samples, keyboards, delay guitar, and vocals provide textured layers that encompass the listener on all sides.

Frame Dragging has been repackaged to reflect band's name change from Gluestick to Aleutian. The original release was sent to a limited number of college stations and charted as high as number one during the spring of 1998. The album received positive reviews, including CMJ New Music Report's "A&R Pick" for the week of May 25, 1998.

Aleutian is currently focusing on regional shows in the Midwest while writing material for new releases due out this fall, as well as planning both U.S. and European tour dates to support the albums.

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