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Glasgow, Scotland, that bold new indie rock mecca which has graced us with such heavyweights as Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian, and The Delgados, has given us yet another present. This newest band of Glaswegian innovators call themselves Aerogramme and they are all over the map, musically speaking. Aerogramme rose from the ashes of the under-appreciated rhythm-heavy experimental rock group Ganger and shares some similarities with that band, and with the sprawling electronic-laced instrumental epics of Mogwai. In a fairly logical extension of that ethos, they occasionally flirt with strings in refined compositions that suggest the indie chamber music of Rachel's. But sometimes --often, actually -- they burst into bombastic emotional rock that suggests Modest Mouse at their most abrasive. And then, without warning, they might strip all the noise away, working with the vulnerability of voice, acoustic guitar, and a single echoing loop. These abrupt stylistic switcheroos, though often disconcerting, add dynamism to the sound of an already fascinating band.

Frontman Craig B started Aerogramme in early 1998 with bassist Campbell MacNeil and drummer Martin Scott as a vehicle to work on unfinished songs from his Ganger days. The new band rapidly blossomed into a unique new musical entity. Two 1999 seven-inches earned Aereogramme the attention of Scotland's label du jour, Chemikal Underground (Matador in the U.S.), where they have recorded two more seven-inches and their excellent debut LP, A Story in White.

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