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Advanced Funksters

BPM has been secretly leaking a steady stream of pounding house EPs by suspiciously-named collectives such as Truefunkeosis, Advanced Funksters, Those Saucee Buggahs, and the ludicrous Xtreme Funktrimists. We went undercover to discover that the men behind the masks are in fact Ismael Clermont and DJ EFX. Both Musicians have been regular fixtures on the S.F. music scene for well over a decade in their capacity as DJs, producers, and musicians. Clermont founded BPM Records (the store and the label), was responsible for KPOO FM's popular reggae mix show, and plays guitar for and produces the acclaimed reggae combo Dub Addxx. EFX was a kingpin of the city's house underground back in the day and has produced his own joints for the widely-respected Strictly Rhythm label.