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Adam Guth

Ever since The Delphonics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been a city associated very closely with that elusive quality that can only be referred to as "soul." In contrast to other scenes in a genre that continues to be defined by DJs, MCs and technology-enhanced studio production, most Philly hip hop acts favor the organic groove of a live rhythm section and identify more as "bands" than solo artists or "crews." Such is the case with the now-defunct Goats, the legendary, almost-major-label band Gutbucket, and of course, The Roots. Philly is also recognized throughout the U.S. and U.K. as one of the larger stateside hubs of drum and bass, and happens to be the home of one Josh Wink.

Enter Gutbucket's former drummer Adam Guth. Since the demise of Gutbucket, has been composing and recording with the likes of onetime Gutbucket bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Gemini Gemini and Austrian saxophonist Wolfgang Puschnig. These sessions segued into touring fifteen European cities since '97, where Guth and Tacuma have been feeding the insatiable European appetite for jazz and funk. The path of Guth's career resembles his musical vision: "The groove comes first. Regardless of the tempo, the groove has to move people. I'm interested in creating a journey for the listener, one with variety and color. Human beings are multi-dimensional....I want to speak to as many different aspects of humanity as I can."

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