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Acid King

Unlike most hard rock, Acid King comes at you from the bottom up. You feel their music's violence and glacial power deep down, in your spine, your hips, your intestines. From there the sound explodes in slow motion, upwards and outwards.

The foundation of Acid King's stoned, distorted, heavy rock sound is principal songwriter Lori S.'s monolithic downtuned guitar riffs, which feel like craggy mountains that poke up into the darkness of night. Guy Pinhas complements her on a rumbling, subterranean bass, and together they down some of the most writhing, sinister sounding grooves this side of Black Sabbath. Add in strangled, Satanic vocals from both Lori and Pinhas, some jittery drumming from Joey Osbourne, and massive distortion, and you get some truly monumental doomy stoner rock.

The band's genesis came at a 1993 San Francisco party when Lori, who'd already teamed with initial bassist Peter Lucas but had been frustrated in her search for a drummer, yelled, "Anyone know a drummer?" and Osborne answered her call. The band immediately became an underground favorite in their hometown, and has remained so, in spite of its ongoing succession of bassists (besides Lucas and Pinhas, Altamont's Dan Southwick and one Brian Hill have performed bass chores with the band). The group has released two LPs -- '95's Zoroaster (featuring "Evil Satan") and '99's Busse Woods -- as well as several singles.