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Aardvarck (Mike Kivits) has been a rebel and a pioneer in the Dutch music scene for decades. Over the years he built up a solid reputation of uncompromising quality and versatility, both underground and above.

He was involved in the early acid house movement of the late 1980's and has been in the avant garde of all major dance styles from then onwards. Starting out as a DJ he eventually released his first record in 1993. 

Aardvarck has released music for more than twenty labels by now; DJAX, Delsin, Rush Hour, Kindred Spirits, Signum, Bloom, Eat Concrete etc. He founded 'Music for Speakers' in 2000, together with fellow pioneers David Caron, Madcap, Sandor Caron & Sonar Lodge and is also an active member of Rednose Distrikt (together with Steven de Peven). Recently he founded his own imprint ‘Bloom’ to release dubstep and beat-oriented experiments.

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