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A-Set knows how to pull off risky hooks and arrangements with an effortless grace that can only be the product of veteran musicianship. Subtly challenging conventions along the lines of the thriving Elephant Six bands while delicately interweaving mood and melody akin to laid back and serene The Sea and Cake, A-Set's incognito sound dodges the bullet of uneventful melodrama that plagues so many bands of a similar denotation and instead maintains a finely tuned pop machine loaded with mass appeal.

The band's youthful tendency to experiment and explore without ever discarding the issue at hand creates an urgency and vibrancy absent from much of the competition and once this hodgepodge of unlikely sounds imprints on your matrix there's no chance in erasing its catchy melodies.

A little history: When Albert Menduno was barely old enough to drive a car he recorded his first record with the legendary Gravity Records band Mohinder. Soon after the band's demise he sat down behind the drum set of a stylistically divergent project, Calm. At this time he also started to noodle around with the four-track recorder while teaching himself piano and guitar.

In March of 1997, Albert recorded 11 songs with Hutch Harris of the Urban Legends under the name Haelah. This recording yielded a single on Tree records and a split single with Aspera Ad Astra. Menduno soon moved to Chicago after writing the songs for his current obsession, A-Set.

Tim Hurley from Red Red Meat, Califone, and Loftus recorded the new record entitled The Science of Living Things and has since joined the band. Tim Kinsella of Joan of Arc and Cap'n Jazz also plays on this debut record which can be described as a modern David Bowie minus the pretension.